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Project Planning

The construction process can seem like a daunting prospect unless you have the right team. Let us help you from the very beginning and remove tension and anxiety from your plate. We work with owners who are unfamiliar with the process as well as design build contractors who must meet a specific schedule and price.

How do I get started with the construction process? What documentation do I need? Who approves my plans?

For those who work outside of the construction industry, it can be a shocking experience when they learn all the steps one must take before construction even begins. At B.E.C.I. when you come to us with an idea for your project we can walk you through each step one-by-one. We have close relationships with multiple county inspection departments in North Carolina and can help you get answers that you need to make your venture a reality. Our architectural and engineering teams work closely together to ensure the planning and design process is seamless.

B.E.C.I. is known as a firm that quickly turns out quality work, tuned to our customer's needs, at a most reasonable fee.

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