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J. Wade White, Jr., P.E. – President and Principal Engineer

CEO (1994-Present) of Brite Engineering Consultants, Inc

J. Wade White, Jr., P.E. is the Principal Engineer and CEO of Brite Engineering Consultants, Inc. He has built the company from the ground up starting in 1994, creating its Mission and Standards that guide the design/bid/build and design/build operation of the business.   He has completed the electrical design of over 5,000 commercial, institutional, and industrial projects with over 125 customers.   He is licensed as a professional engineer in 20 states.   Prior to creating Brite, White spent 17 years with Duke Power Company as a Senior Distribution Engineer and in other significant management roles.   In his role as CEO, he brings broad business perspectives to every customer’s job.   As Principle Engineer, he adds a great depth of technical savvy to every project from his widely-varied work experiences.

B.E.C.I. is known as a firm that quickly turns out quality work, tuned to our customer's needs, at a most reasonable fee.

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